What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation: And Is It For You?


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What human doesn’t like to be rejuvenated? I’ve never met one. Our bodies take a daily beating from the environment, what we eat, and other things beyond our control. One thing that we can control is deciding if we want to accept what mother nature has for us. One uncontrolled issue facing many women over 40 is vaginal atrophy: (Also known as muscle wasting). According to the Mayo Clinic vaginal atrophy is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause. When estrogen levels decline many changes can occur. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful, but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms. If this is you, there’s hope.

Mona Lisa Touch explained:

MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser procedure, designed and produced by DEKA (Italy), that delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue. The procedure is performed in an office environment without the need for anesthesia and with virtually no pain or side effects. The simple procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

Is it painful?

No, usually no anesthesia required. The sensation is a light vibration. Thousands of women have been successfully treated since 2012.

How long does it take to see feel results?

A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks but symptom relief can be noticed after one treatment.

What happens during treatment?

The procedure is similar to your annual exam but quicker. The doctor will insert the laser probe into your vagina and deliver laser “pulses.”

Does it hurt?

The laser energy itself is virtually painless. Some patients report mild discomfort with the laser probe tip insertion during the first procedure, but only if their is sensitivity.

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The Real Truth About Botox And Is It For You?

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Botox. That ever so common buzz word spoken amongst women and men noticing the first signs of aging. You know the fine lines, frown lines, nasal folds, etc. When we start noticing our bodies changing without our permission, we head to the nearest plastic surgeon, or aesthicians for the cure. But for some unfortunately the word Botox is synonymous with negative connotations such as botched, fake, paralyzing to name a few. But are these words fact or fiction?  Here at Ageless Aesthetics not only are we in the business of making patients look beautiful and more confident in their appearance, but we strive to educate and inform our patients about the services we offer.  Let’s take a look at some common myths about Botox as Dr. Umerah helps us discern the facts from the myths.

History of Botox

Botulinum toxin was conceived for therapeutic use in the late 19th century. There are many stories and discrepancies about exactly who invented it but its use is consistent. To erase the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles. Wrinkles anyone? The stigma attached to unwanted wrinkles and fine lines is the catalyst that is sending women and men to aesthicians, and plastic surgeons in droves. Aside from the approvals, the term Botox injections still has its share of naysayers simply due to their lack of knowledge. Here are a few of the common myths:

Myth: Botox injections are dangerous.

Fact: Botox is actually a purified protein derivative produced from bacteria found in improperly handled meat products. Botox is only dangerous if it isn’t administered by a licensed trained professional. Kind of like any medication that is administered improperly.

Myth: Botox will cause irreparable damage to my facial tissue and muscle.

Fact: When Botox is injected into the skin it relaxes facial muscles by blocking the nerve impulses. It is very effective in reducing the muscle activity to the area that causes fine lines and wrinkles. Botox injections simply limit the muscle activity without causing damage or complete paralysis to the injected area. Botox injections effects eventually wear off and a retreatment will be necessary to continue the desired results.

Myth: I will not be able to make any facial expressions after Botox injections.

Fact: If injections are administered by a licensed professional, then you can receive injections that look natural and not overdone. Normal facial expressions can still be made because as previously stated, Botox reduces muscle activity but does not radically change it.

Myth: Once I start receiving Botox injections, I can never stop getting them.

Fact: Botox is effective in improving your appearance for 3 to 6 months per treatment. After this time, muscles will return to their normal function, and fine lines and wrinkles will gradually return. It’s totally a personal choice when deciding if you want to continue receiving treatments.

Myth: There are too many side effects from Botox injections and it is not safe

Fact: There can be minimal side effects that occur but they are only minor or even temporary. They could include tenderness or swelling at the injection site, redness and bruising. The more serious side effects usually occur when treatments are performed by inexperienced injectors.

Botox was FDA approved for cosmetic use in 2002, so it’s been put to the test for a while now. Again we cannot stress the importance of using Botox safely in the hands of a qualified professional that uses manufacturer recommended doses.

Dr. Umerah and her team encourage anyone who is considering injections to visit the office and set up a consultation to see if Botox is the best option for you.